CD/DVD usb player not showing images in Nemo?

I recently built a ‘new’ system AMD 3700X with 32gig ram and 3060 Nvidia 12-gig video card. CD/DVD burners seem to be on their way out but I bought a USB unit (LG) and have that plugged into a 3.2 usb port on back of the computer. Problem I’m having is that when I insert old DVD/CD’s into it with photo’s it doesn’t diplay the photo’s in Nemo. Just displays them a jpeg files with no picture. Maybe their isn’t enough memory cache to show them individually or it takes a long time to read each file to display it’s photo jpeg. I don’t know. I’ve got Neno set up to show images on files up to 64-gig. Is there a setting somewhere that I’m missing? I’ve got video’s stored on my SSD’s and they have photo video pictures in Nemo with the file size and name. Is there something about these ultra-thin usb cd burners they lack?

Rich :wink: