CBL Mariner Microsoft's own Linux distribution

Or how the Hell froze over.


This is Steve’s Ballmer nightmare came true.
The cancer, the pest that he so vehemently opposed now It is a part of Microsoft. Their own distro, who would foretold.

How the tables have turned.


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Which step of “Embrace, extend, and extinguish” are we on?




Ow! That is a bit scary and not very Open Source at all! I haven’t read the whole thing but MS claiming specific rights to anything is not what this community is about. Copyright what they want but I sure as hell won’t be using it.

Somebody fork it and turn it into a weapon that targets this crap and kills it with fire!

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More Microsoft garbage! They won’t follow the what Linux follows and that’s the problem because they don’t actually believe in it. :face_vomiting:

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Excuse my swearing here but from what I remember Ballmer equals Bullshit.

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Let’s see this from a business, hypocrite point of view.
Microsoft loves Linux, Azure gets better integration, DevOps got to easily switch between PowerShell or Bash and the underlying OS becoms rather trivial, thanks to WSL. Business is booming, cloud revenue is off the charts. Printing money!

Let’s face it, Microsoft is a contributor to the Linux kernel for a long time. It’s a reality. They had their plan from the onset.

That doesn’t mean I agree or like the status quo. No, the hypocrisy goes as deep as a rabbit hole.
I predicted this for such a long time, I was wondering when it will be released. Until I show the GitHub page with the code and the ISO, even my closest nerd friends looked at me rolling their eyes : Again this Microsoft Linux distro thing? No such thing.
But hell froze over. It’s there and it’s here to stay.

Now, it’s early days to predict a Microsoft take over, the GPL license and the possibility of forking a code is what we have as defence or attack.
Anyways, we should pay attention to other OS, never have all your stuff in one basket.