Catppuccin mocha theme

how do i set this theme? it says on the github page that i can’t set the theme directly from the i3 config file. how do i set it?

There are tools like lxappearance that can help you set up the theme.

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as @vlkon said already we have lxappearance installed to set gtk themes:

Depending on how you got the theme…

if it is installed from AUR:

aur/catppuccin-gtk-theme-mocha 0.5.0-1 (+13 2.37) 
    Soothing pastel theme for GTK3 - Moch

it should show up there… if you got it from github/source you need to extractz per user to ~/.themes/ to have available over settings.

sometimes that doesn’t always work. and if you have a non gtk app it doesn’t work at all. anyway im marking this solved because i did end up figuring out how to do it. for anyone who comes across this and didn’t know you have to manually enter the colors for window into your i3 config file.