CarbonOS, anyone else hear of this?

It looks like it may be similar to Vanilla possibly


If I’m not mistaken Liyalinux is a newer product from that workshop. I installed for testing.
XFCE, (or Cinnamon) Bloated, slow boot (3 times slower than Arco XFCE). It’s a NO for me.
This was more inspiring : although GNOME is not so popular.
Fly-Pie extension is super for GNOME.

GNOME only, expects the users to install Flatpaks to get anything really useful done. Nope. Too many distros out there are already this way and I have tried one, Redcore, which was supposed to be the “easiest” Gentoo that is offered. I wanted to like Redcore but with almost no experience and zero patience for the Gentoo way of doing things, I had to lay it aside. That comes with KDE only which is an advantage for me at this point.

Nothing against GNOME but a short time ago I installed Manjaro with the v43 and it was very slow. Also checked the Pop! OS live ISO which was the same way. Need to buy a faster computer with more RAM to enjoy those two and maybe Ubuntu without “snapd” and a lot more.

Probably this CarbonOS has something to prove against the bunch of distros with RHEL at the top offering ISO’s as big as 8GiB. LOL. I’ll bet Rocky Linux would still be better, gave up on that one because I couldn’t have Wine. That one had GNOME v40 and Linux kernel v5.14 LTS! In the past also struggled with Fedora 35, didn’t like it and wanted out of the GNOME way of doing things since then.

I have dabbled with GNOME in the past, but I always preferred an openbox only install, or something like XFCE. I was never a huge GNOME or KDE kool-aid drinker, but that is just me. I thought it was an interesting sounding distro, but I will likely never try it. I had hopped around a bit back in the day, but I only hopped around if I felt I wanted to try something different. As long as my set up is working for me I don’t intend on trying new things. Maybe I am just lazy or don’t like installing a lot of distros or virtual machines, I dunno. Never heard of Redcore, I might go take a peak at their website, but I doubt I will be installing it :rofl:

Redcore might be for people who know a lot about Gentoo already but don’t want to waste time building for a desktop environment, for Flatpaks and stuff like that. Because the “Sisyphus” installer/remover is unstable and very frustrating to use. For me that was the only gateway and otherwise, stuck on very slow performing KDE Discover to use Flatpaks. This distro puts over 600k files on fresh install, like ArcoLinux KDE. Although I hate the color red, Redcore has a nice theme but might have to drab it down a bit. I wish I could rob it for my current installation of EndeavourOS KDE. :rofl:

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I just did a little read on redcore today. I see where it has room in the marketplace as gentoo easy. I know I don’t know the first thing about gentoo so I guess this would be the gentoo I would probably start with. Maybe you can find some config files out there to make purplecore here on :enos: