Can't switch desktop sessions KDE Plasma

Currently I have KDE Plasma 5.27.3 installed on Endeavour OS. Anyways I want to try Awesome OS, so I installed it using pacman and when I pressed ‘Switch users’ I did and at the bottom left corner of the sddm login screen I saw a drop down menu to switch sessions. I saw ‘awesome’ and clicked it and logged in but I just ended up in KDE, wsn’t able to switch. Weird. I clearly saw the session, it didn’t work. Any help will be appreciated. TY

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is it the same if you log off rather than try to switch users?

What exactly did you see? :thinking:

This is not exactly how you switch sessions. You tried to Switch users, but did you chose a different user than the one you were logged in?

The proper (simple) method is to Log out of your current session, and then…

But, even if you do this, if you haven’t configured Awesome before, you may land in a strange environment.

FWIW, this topic is about Awesome, while posted in Plasma category. Unfortunately, there is no Awesome category in the forum (yet).

OH, I logged out and did it, and it worked.

I saw ‘awesome’, and I logged out instead of switchin users as you suggested and it worked. And yes, I havent configured it, and yes it was strange because it was so barebones. I will.

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