Can't seem to remove Kernel 6.6

So, im on kernal 6.9.1 and im wondering on how to remove 6.6 as it’s using up space on my box. Any suggestions?

Remove the package linux-lts

However, having the LTS as a backup is a good idea. I would recommend keeping both.

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Only asking cause when i boot up my machine, it was defaulting the 6.6 as the boot up instead of the 6.9.

using systemd method to boot.

The wiki describes how to change the default.

How to change the default entry to boot

There is a default entry inside /efi/loader/loader.conf that determine the default boot entry.

On a new install, it will look something like this:

default 665eca4ae83246df8ec17d1cbc6a1763*

That first string of characters is you entry token which identifies the install. That is important if you are dual-booting with another Linux, otherwise it can be replaced with *. That line supports wildcards and so if you want to boot the LTS kernel by default you could use something like this:

default 665eca4ae83246df8ec17d1cbc6a1763*lts.conf

Alternatively, if you want to boot the mainline kernel by default, something like this should work:

default 665eca4ae83246df8ec17d1cbc6a1763-*-arch?-?.conf

These changes will take effect on the next reboot and nothing else is required except modifying the file.

From the Wiki -

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