Can't mount /efi with mkinitcpio

Hi there,

I did a lil mistake : I unistalled Dracut and installed mkinitcpio on my endeavouros i3. It is running with systemd-boot, I didn’t install Grub. It worked until last kernel uptdate, from it, I have this :

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The problem is that I can’t chroot because in emergency mode, my USB key isn’t visible (?) and iwctl doesn,'t start (I think installing Grub should do the trick)

So I have to ask for help here

thx to you

If you want to switch to mkinitcpio on systemd-boot, you need to chroot into your install and install kernel-install-mkinitpcio from AUR. Then reinstall your kernel packages.

Hi, thx for your answer.
The problem is that my usb (with newest arch) is invisible in this emergency mode (lsblk, or fdisk -l)

You boot onto the USB as if you were installing. Don’t boot into emergency mode.

At the # prompt, type poweroff followed by enter.
Connect your usb and boot it up from your Bios’ one time boot menu.

Hi everyone, first of all, thanks for answers.

But I still have a problem that I cannot resolve by myself :

I went to my computer /mnt then mkdir /boot, I even 777ed it. This error is still here. I hope you guys know what to do there ?

Edit : I tryed with sudo too :frowning:

sda2 is only 15MiB. It seems unlikely that is your root partition.

It should be more obvious with fsblk -o name,type,fstype,size

as @dalto states sda2 is 15m the total size of sda according to the picture is 15g looks like you have over 14 gig unallocated thats why it is not showing up

sda is probably the USB in this case.

It is likely that the actual install is on the nvme drive.

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Sda is the arch usb stick
Nvme is my endeavouros install, yes

So, am I fscked ?

You are just doing it wrong. In order to chroot, you need to mount your nvme partitions. From the screenshot, it looks like you are trying to mount the partitions on sda.

nvme0n1p2 is probably your filesystem and nvme0n1p1 is probably your EFI partition.

Also, what instructions are you following? You shouldn’t be trying to mount /boot to being with.


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