Can't mount /efi after system update

Can we see the output of pacman -Q | grep -E "grub|mkinitcpio|dracut" just to be sure that is clean now.


Hmm…that is interesting.

You appear to be running systemd-boot so you can remove grub, update-grub and mkinitcpio-busybox

How would I configure it to use grub? I didn’t realise what I had wasn’t grub.

You would have to convert to grub. Is there a reason you need to do this? It is a non-trivial process to switch.

My partner is also using Endeavour, with grub, so via their system I’ve learnt a little more about how to configure a multiboot setup with a grub. I can probably just remove it for now, though, and look into switching another time.

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You and your partner have the same admin permissions on this system.

You should ask your partner if you want to remove Grub. Don’t let your partner get confused. Otherwise he/she does not know why Grub and something would disappear, then he/she would ask here.

Oh no its a different device.

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