Cant mount a partition

Hello! I’m unable to mount a partition on my internal drive using Dolphin - when I click on it, I get the error: “An error occurred while accessing ‘DATA’, the system responded: The requested operation has failed: Error mounting /dev/sda7 at /run/media/luka/DATA: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda7, missing codepage or helper program, or other error”. However, if I run sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt in a terminal, the partition mounts successfully and I can see my files. Any idea what’s wrong here?

What filesystem does the drive use? Is it NTFS?

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on that partition, yes its ntfs

I wonder if ntfsfix might work? I’ve never used it but a couple of other users have. For some it worked others it did not.

Edit: Just a word of caution as i don’t know whether it will render your data unrecoverable if it isn’t already.

The reason is from the upgrade of the three packages.

extra/libblockdev 2.28-4 → 3.0.3-4 ===================== causes error - - downgrade to 2.28-4
extra/libva-utils 2.19.0-1 → 2.20.0-1 ============================== causes error - - downgrade to 2.19.0-1
extra/udisks2 2.9.4-4 → 2.10.1-1 =============================== causes error - - downgrade to 2.9.4-4

The upgrade of the three packages causes some ntfs drive unopenable by filemanager like thunar, nemo, etc.

Safer methods to mount ntfs drives:
$ sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
$ sudo env DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 downgrade libblockdev libva-utils udisks2

libblockdev 2.28-4
libva-utils 2.19.0-1
udisks2 2.9.4-4

If downgrade was done and ntfs drive is still unopenable by filemanager, then try the next one with ntfsfix.

Safe methods to mount ntfs drives:
$ sudo ntfsfix -d /dev/sda1

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ udisks2 2.10.2-1 seems to solve the problem.

oh thank you, i used the last command u gave me that worked, the first downgrad commands didnt worked, btw i see 2 new folders is it normal ?

oh nvm, its gone after i restarted the PC, seems the problem is SOLVED !
Thank You again