Can't login anymore after last series of updates

Hi guys, i’ve been using endeavour os for quite some time now and finding it great. I’ve always managed to iron out the few wrinkles that pop up every now and then…but this time i’m not sure what to do.
Long story short, after the last series of updates, now when i get to the login screen i can’t enter my password anymore…the login form doesn’t accept any input, be that a keystroke or a mouse click (e.g. i can’t click on reboot or switch user icons), it’s like frozen…I am, however, able to login using tty.
I’ve performed some updates thinking the problem would go away by itself (maybe a conflicting package or something) but nothing has changed.
Can anybody help me? Any help is much appreciated.

Would help others help you if you gave us a bit more information.

What DM are you using?
Is it an Nvidia GPU?
if you unplug the keyboard and plug it back in will it give you keyboard access at the login screen?

when you mean series are you talking about updating both standard and aur packages as two process or are you referring to the last few updates performed? This is confusing to me. If it was infact just the last update you could post your pacman log and maybe someone can see something that could have caused your issue. Maybe even perhaps post the last boot log so we can see if anything is causing issues.

yes you’re right, i’m sorry…i should’ve added more info. I’m using KDE with an AMD APU on a hp laptop…so there’s no external keyboard or mouse…but as I’ve said…the keyboard works since i’m able to open a tty session using ctrl+alt+f3…but for some reason it won’t accept any input at the login screen…be that from the keyboard or the mouse (clicking on reboot, or shutdown icons for example doesn’t do anything).

i just open yakuake and type yay which updates core, extra and aur packages.
i can post both pacman and boot logs… :smiley:
Thank you.

Here’s an update on the problem. I tried sending systemlogs using this command:

journalctl -k -b -0 | eos-sendlog

but the tty session returns me an error:
(yad:670): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display
nothing sent

could this be related to my login problem?
am starting to think that a recent mesa driver update screwed with my login screen.

As I suspected it was the mesa package which somewhat messed with the login screen by like making it losing window focus or something like that. I downgraded to the previous version (mesa-1:23.3.5-1 instead of the more recent mesa-1:24.0.1-1) and now everything works the way it’s supposed to.
It’s not the first time that the update of that specific package creates more problems than it solves…so I feel the need to warn others to be very careful when updating that package.
So this is the solution should other users stumble upon the same issue.

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