Can't log in to tty

Possibly after last night’s update, it looks like my dm isn’t loading, I think (normal boot, then slightly-less-than-black black screen with responsive mouse pointer).
Also, can’t log into tty with my username and password.

Any suggestions?

Can you clarify what you mean by ‘unable to log into tty’? Do you mean you are unable to enter your desktop environment?

Thanks for the reply.
KDE is set to log in automatically, so I usually never actually get to SDDM, just the loading screen before the desktop comes up.
Now I don’t get to that loading screen.
Meanwhile, I open up a tty, not really knowing what I’ll do once I get there, but hoping to log in, open btop and see what’s running.
I enter my username and password but they don’t work. (Can’t remember the exact message, sorry.) Trying to log in as root doesn’t work either.
How that helps.

Then we literally have nothing to go on.

Chroot, then read the journal entries from inside the chroot environment to find out why the login attempts failed. The last command can also be useful in these situations.

Then we literally have nothing to go on.

Yup, this I now realise.

Thanks again for the help.

I’ll try what you suggested.