Can't install shell extensions from the website

Hey everyone,
I can’t install shell extensions from despite having installed both the firefox integration and gnome-browser-connector from AUR.
Extensions installed through pacman or AUR do work fine.
I have both the default extensions app and the extension manager one.
Any ideas why?

Just a thought: do you sandbox Firefox with something like firejail?

Also, won’t installing the extensions with extension-manger work?

Screenshot from 2022-11-07 17-58-36

No sandboxing, and my extensions are displayed in the local extensions part of the site.
No the app doesn’t load the search part either.

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Are you sure, you’re talking about the same app? There are gnome-extensions and gnome extension-manager

Yes, it keeps loading and never finishes.

I’m afraid I don’t know what the issue is.
Hopefully you will get assistance from other forum members to troubleshoot and find a solution to this problem.

In the meantime, if you feel that you need an extension like “right now” you could try installing it manually:

It’s a bit tedious but it should work.

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Welcome abourd the good shipe :enos: enjoy the forum @Vegan9800
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I think you just broke my systemd…


Maybe this will help.
To install extensions, I needed to install them through AUR like so (you do not need to finish the package name when searching with yay)

yay dash-to-doc
4 aur/gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock-animator-git r24.d511de8-1 (+0 0.00) 
    Animate the icons of dash to dock
3 aur/gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock-vinceliuice-git 54.r562.f3445ac-1 (+1 0.00) 
    Moves the dash out of the overview transforming it in a dock (vinceliuice fork)
2 aur/gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock-git 70.r0.g8dbf454-1 (+82 0.05) 
    move the dash out of the overview transforming it in a dock
1 aur/gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock 1:75-1 (+111 2.73) (Installed)
    Move the dash out of the overview transforming it in a dock
==> Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)

Select the extension I wanted, sometimes I needed to reboot before going into Gnome-extension-manager. Then the extensions popped up there automatically for me to turn them on/off and go into settings.

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As I mentioned in the post body, AUR and pacman installs do work. The porblem is just installing from the site.

Ah, then I misunderstood the problem. Sorry about that.

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Do you use flatpak Firefox? It won’t work with Flatpak Firefox.

Otherwise did you try Extension Manager from Flathub? Its become the way many Gnome users get extensions vs the website