Can't install proton

Trying to install proton but I get:

sed: couldn't edit vrclient_x64/vrclient_x64/json: not a regular file

Tried googling it, wondering if anyone else has got proton working.

How are you trying to install it?

yay -S proton

I’m also getting this error when steam tries to install direct X

Proton: Missing or invalid openvrpaths.vrpath file! [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/duncanm/.config/openvr/openvrpaths.vrpath'

I believe that is just warning.

I am trying to install proton now to see if I can duplicate the error.

@dalto @dodgypast
I just installed steam no problem. Then i installed proton and it installed. Don’t remember my steam account so i can’t launch it to try but it installed. This is on XFCE nothing fancy here.

I am not an expert in steam but I am pretty sure that steam will install it’s own proton. I think when you install proton yourself it is for using it outside of steam.

That’s the idea, I want to run both steam and non steam games. I’ll try on the proton site for valve.

Thanks both of you for looking into it.

Mine is still building, but if it installed fine for @ricklinux, it probably isn’t a problem with the package.

After you did yay -S proton, you should have been presented with 3 options, which did you choose?

When you are in steam you can load proton within supposedly and it allows you run Windows games. I’m not a gamer just going by what i saw on the site.

I chose the deafult #1

Edit: I tried to uninstall proton and it say’s not found? Maybe it’s just part of steam after?

It shouldn’t be if you installed it with yay, are you sure it finished successfully? Mine is still building.

I was trying the -git version, because it’s much more up to date, the non-git seems to be working… it’s a long compile. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That would have been good information to have at the beginning. It seems that version isn’t working right now. Other users are reporting the same error as you.

Keep in mind, the -git version just pulls the latest source from master so there is no guarantee that it will always be working, it is intended for people who want to test pre-release software. Also, since it pulls directly from master, any changes there immediately break the package.

EDIT: You could try fixing this line in the PKGBUILD to account for the fact that there is now a directory in there:

sed -i 's/openvr_v0.9.16//g' vrclient_x64/vrclient_x64/*

EDIT 2: If you don’t know how to do that, I can do it for you, but you would have to wait for me to finish with work first.

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Say’s it did but i just uninstalled steam after. Hmm? Did you have steam installed?