Can't install into manually-created LUKS volume

Hi, I’m new to EndeavourOS.

I wanted a custom setup, so I created my own LUKS device and formatted as BTRFS. Installation detects it correctly and I followed advice from other posts to select it as / and proceed with installation. However, installer insists on closing the LUKS device just before starting and I just can’t proceed.

Here’s the installer dump:

It’s supposed to install into /dev/mapper/linux1T, but if you scroll up, you can see it’s closing the device at “ClearMountsJob”.

I also tried adding a cryptsetup open in userscripts.bash.

Is there a way to manually progress into the installer so I can prevent it from being closed?


That isn’t really supported well by Calamares.

What is it that you want to be custom specifically?

I wanted full disk encryption with BTRFS. I guess, it wasn’t that custom, but I didn’t want to go back and delete my LUKS partition. I assume I could have done that with Calamares?

Yes, just choose btrfs and click the encrypt box. It doesn’t even require manual partitioning.

Actually I did want to create a boot partition and create the LUKS partition manually. Would that still work?

When you create partition in manual partitioning if you click the encrypt checkbox that partition will be luks encrypted

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