Can't install EndeavorOS over CentOS

New to Linux, was considering using CentOS for its Da Vinci Resolve support but never managed to get past the terminal.

Years went by and I forgot the password and am trying to use the online installer to erase CentOS from laptop. No matter what partition manager says, CentOS files remain even when deleted.



Just use automatic partitioning and use the whole disk when installing and you should be good to go.

It won’t leave CentOS packages unless install fails in which case let us know.

Actually- is secure boot disabled?

This is the option I am using:

and this is the error I get:

Edit: I don’t know about Secure Boot.

ERROR: Installation failed: "The installer failed to create a partition table on centos.

You could try using Gparted (it is in the application launcher menu) and create a new partition table (GPT) on the disk prior to launching the installer.


Thanks. That did the trick.


Glad you got it working!

Enjoy your system and welcome to EnOS’ community!

:enos_flag: :handshake:t5:

     "Successfully closed mapper device /dev/mapper/centos-home." 
     "Successfully closed mapper device /dev/mapper/centos-root." 
     "Successfully closed mapper device /dev/mapper/centos-swap."

was the centos encrypted install?
seems installer tried to “reuse” the centos scheme what is strange…

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Welcome to the forum Ionix and glad your issue has been corrected!

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is an LVM setup and Calamares is not ideal using LVM.

Select the real disk instead of the LVM volume or select manual partition option and delete the Logical Volumes - then create the desired partition layout.