Can't install April release

When trying to install the April release I get a boot message saying “No UMS support in radeon module” and if I let it boot I am in a VGA mode. If I start the installer I get a message saying that my display is too small to view the installer. I’ve never had this problem with any other EndeavourOS release. Can you help?

Can you try:

  • open a terminal


  • sudo su
  • sed -i 's/windowSize: 1200px,700px/windowSize: 800px,520px/' /usr/share/calamares/branding/endeavouros/branding.desc
  • launch the installer

It didn’t make any difference, same problem.
Something is different about the Radeon module in this release. The 12/22/19 release installed just fine.

I jumped into the Display settings app, and told it was on a 1920x something screen, and all was beautiful from there. I think it was trying for 800x600 or something antediluvian like that. The experience, once sized, is superior indeed (I like having the updates in the terminal - maybe that’s why I Arch?).


We will release a new iso with some fixes, i’m also experiencing some issues on my AMD machine. I can boot and install the system, but we hope this fix helps you too…

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ok, I will wait for it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, when I go to display properties I only have a choice of 720x480, 720x400 & 640x480.
The normal resolution that I run all my distro’s at is 1920x1080 but that isn’t a choice.
It seems that my Radeon video card is not detected or configured correctly.
Comparing the package lists between the 4/11/20 and 12/22/10 and looking for any video or amd differences I did notice that the amd-ucode is ver. 2020 0316.xxxxxx vs 2019 1215.xxxxxx. Not sure if that has anything to do with the problem. The xf86-video-gpu ver’s and xf86-video-ati ver’s are identical though. I think I may wait for a new iso for now. My 12/22/19 Endeavour drive is still working nicely afterall…

You don’t have to reinstall your system, once installed, it rolls.

That’s right, I had forgotten that. :shushing_face:
I’m feeling better already! Thanks for the reminder.

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