Can't get usb live work


I’ve decided to try out EndeavourOS , I’ve downloaded iso, I’ve put it on usb using Rufus, secure boot is disabled in bios.

Usb starts I see menu to choose which version I want to boot.

I have on board gpu i5-10600, so I’ve chosen version free, then it screen turn black and after 20 sec ot so screen goes to sleep…

I’ve tried to change boot parameters like changing modset to 0 on Radeon etc , Nvidia is blacklisted and then I can go past black screen but… after everything loads with green ok OK when x server should start I got error , please see photo.

Can anyone help? I really want to get it working

Thank you.

Likely an issue with the installer medium. Verify the checksum, try again, try with Ventoy or Etcher, and try a different USB pen drive.

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I agree with @jonathon it’s most likely because it was created with Rufus. My self i would use etcher. But on linux I’m using popsicle or you can use dd. I’m not a fan of Ventoy but some use it.

thanks , i will try , altought this guide says not to use etcher and use rufus

Create install media (USB key) – Discovery (

i hope this time it works

I personally have used etcher and not had any issues. But, that was mostly on Arch Linux. I then switched to posicle recently. Are you are creating a live usb from windows? Or another version of linux?

Edit: The reason they stopped recommending it is because of privacy issues related to them gathering user data?

nope, still no luck , exactly same problem :confused: - yes i did use windows. I don’t think it’s usb creator issue

Make sure secure boot and fast boot are off in UEFI. Also check if it has the keys removed.

I did that , all disabled by default, see attached, just to say I installed fedora recently without any issues, for some reason can’t install arch based distribution, tried manjaro before and there was exactly same problem


Did you clear the secure boot keys before disabling it?
Edit: Okay i see it at the bottom.

no - it was disabled by default , all these secure options were disabled from new.

I do see one error message.

xf86EnableIOPorts: failed to set IOPL foe i/o (not permitted)

I don’t think this info is relevant as it is just a message telling what it can’t do for a specific reason. :thinking:

Will the Arch installer image boot correctly?

when ive tried to boot manjaro - it did same - had same error , it boots as it should - just after I press actual boot screen goes black

Are you able to boot on the live image and post the following link from this command.

inxi -Fxxxz --no-host | eos-sendlog

That didn’t answer my question. Does the Arch installer boot?

In otherwords @jonathon is asking does the live ISO boot up fully to the desktop to be able to run the installer? Or it isn’t even booting up all the way.

Actually, I was asking whether the Arch installer image would boot to its terminal/CLI interface. This provides a baseline to test whether 1) the kernel works 2) the image has been written correctly 3) the USB drive is working 4) something will actually boot correctly.

Oh …okay i misunderstood also. Sorry.

No, only menu

That’s not the Arch installer image.

OK, I’m out.