Can't get Nintendo Joycon to work

I’ve followed these directions to get the JoyCon working to no avail. I manually enabled and started joycond.service via systemd.

I can pair to the Joycon via Bluetooth, but that’s about it. Even after connecting the hid_nintendo module does not get loaded (I load it manually before pairing in case that will help). Nothing shows through hid-tools’s hid-recorder (I can’t tell if any of the three devices I see here is even the controller).

When connecting the LEDs never stop cycling, which seems bad, at least compared to this video. Also, no devices like jsX ever appear in /dev/input.

Happy to help debug, etc. just not sure how to attack this and investigate deeper.

System info:

  • Linux 6.9.4-arch1-1 x86_64
  • Intel 11th Gen CPU

Did you use this package by any chance? It might be the reason (only guessing) but it seems to be flagged as out of date for a while now.

No, I’m using the baked in hid_nintendo module since I’m on a recent kernel.