Can't get my-weather-indicator to stop being ontop

my-weather-indicator is stuck on being on top. i want it so that when i open my windows it actually is behind them not in front.

i have no idea how to access the preferences/settings. i was wonder if i could locate them in a file and edit them. since i am using pantheon de it doesn’t really pop up with the preferences when i start the program. i see no where i can get them other than editing them in a file but what do i know i am a newbie sorta.

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Do you know where the ‘weather-indicator’ came from, or what it is called? Without that info, we’d be just guessing… (we might be anyway if we DO know, but for sure we will if we don’t know!).

It could be as simple as right-clicking on the app, and telling it not to be on top… or it could be a config file as you speculate. or it might not have a setting!\

Awaiting more info…

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it’s name is literally “my-weather-indicator” (i got it here)

i think it does have a settings somewhere. odd thing is when i first started the program it had settings that popped up. after the first boot though they never came back and there is no logical indication as to where the heck they are accessible now. perhaps someone did a bad job of creating this program and now i simply cannot access the settings anymore. that did occur to me. uninstalling and reinstalling the program did nothing to help either…

Investigating… :grin: I’ll see what I can find…

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OK - tried to install it and get it going, but no luck getting it working (don’t need it anyway) - but in its code it seems to look for:


replacing USERNAME with your system ID, of course. Hope that helps!


sorry for the late response. i have been busy. anyway i just really wanted to say THANK YOU!!! it worked, it is no longer stuck ontop (in my way, lol). the settings where exactly where you told me they would be. THANKX AGAIN FOR REAL. blessings friend!

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if @freebird54 posts help/solve your problem ? :pray: mark the post that solve your problem.

It may help people in future .


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