Can't find endeavouros-mirrorlist

I was trying to


And it comes back error 404.

I went to and tried to find it or an updated version to no avail.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.


hello ,the site is in maintenance

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even those from sourceforge

Thank you my friend. I guess I will have to be patient.


Only a thought, but maybe there’s a way to get a popup in kalu or other way the site is in maintenance mode?
Idk if it’s nessasary, just saying I thought I broke something I was working on last night and did something lol

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mirrorlist is version 1-10 now, not 1-6 anymore


This is just the Endeavour mirror list right? Do i replace the current mirror list? What is the best way to do this? Download the file unpack it and edit the current Endeavour mirror list and replace the contents with this? Doesn’t the list automatically update?

Updating the system should install automatically the next version.

Are you having a problem with the mirror?

Why is @pudge trying to manually install it?

I am playing around trying to polish up my rusty shell script skills by writing a script that installs a base install of Endeavouros. Since the net install will soon offer a base install, I’m not going to do anything with the script. But it has been a learning experience to say the least. I haven’t written any serious scripts for about 15 years. If you don’t use it, you lose it. And I had lost it. This exercise has polished up my skills, and given me a better understanding of the installation

I guess I should have just messaged Joe directly, didn’t mean to stir up a fuss.



learning/remember is good.
I recommend you to create a folder called “scripts” if you still don’t have it, is very usefull to recover old scripts, ideas etc.

Also using a program like zim, notes etc can also help you to quickly recover info.

I have some dumb code here that automatically gets the latest version of a package from the mirror, i’ll post it here if you’re interested. Just a minute…


curl |grep endeavouros-mirrorlist |sed s'/^.*endeavouros-mirrorlist/endeavouros-mirrorlist/'g | sed s'/pkg.tar.xz.*/pkg.tar.xz/'g |tail -1

Wow. Thanks friend. That line of code is exactly what I needed as I’m sure mirrorlist will be quite dynamic. Off to fix my script.



I used to have a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk where I kept scripts, notes, etc. Yeah that long ago. It’s long gone now.
I started programing for MS-dos back in 1987. I did this programming free lance. Borland had compilers / IDE programs for a reasonable price. I had Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, and Turbo C++. I did a few programs for free, then I got involved with a Go Kart race track that had races every Friday night. They ended up giving me a retainer to write a program that would help them automate the race administration. Back then, ncurses was the big thing. To make a long story short, myself and the race track marketed the program. They made the sales, I shipped the program out and we split the proceeds. Most race tracks differ slightly how they ran their program. So all modifications were done through me. I made more money on modifications than original sales.

At work (AT&T) is where I did all my scripting in Unix.

By 1999, I was totally burned out on coding, plus any compilers for Win 95 were way out of my price range. I sent all my source files to the race track, and haven’t written any code since. I continued writing scripts at work, but I retired from AT&T in 2004. So fifteen years no coding at all. Finally I am starting to have a little fun messing around with scripting again.



Thank you for sharing this.
Very nice “little piece” of your real life.
And also see how you couldn’t flee from coding after all :wink:

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Yes, coding is like a drug, especially when all is going well. I was “clean” for fifteen years but I couldn’t stay away. :wink:

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It’s kind of like Linux! You just can’t get enough. :slight_smile: I think Unix just turned 50!


feel free to start scripting for EOS! … if you want have a look at Manjaro Architect may be interesting for you:

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