Can't find/boot Endeavour

Hey yall,
i have an issue where i can’t boot into Endeavour, got 3 drives:

1x Windows 11
2x Data (for Windows)
3x Endeavour (just fresh installed)

so the OS is installed on a ssd alone, without anything else, problem is i can’t boot into it, due my system not getting that there is an OS there, if i go into bios i don’t see the 3rd ssd listed as a boot option, if i go in windows and open a program for partition managing, i can see that endeavour is installed in that ssd, and there are, like it should be, 3 partitions, a 300MB one, the main ext4 partition and the swap one.
This ain’t my first time installing a linux distro and i remember this already happened time ago but i forgot what i did to make my pc see the OS … i think it was something with booting into the live usb and do something with grub through terminal …

EDIT: disabling secure boot did the trick

Disable secure boot, fast boot. etc.

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fastboot is disabled already … but if i disable secure boot will windows 11 still boot ?

Yes. Well, unless you have BitLocker enabled​:grin:

I don’t use windows. but LMGTFY:
Disabling Secure Boot | Microsoft Docs

Could you boot into your live usb and provide the output of the following commands:

sudo parted -l

efibootmgr -v

Also in case a re-installation of the bootloader is needed:

You’d have to check with Microsoft, I know it’s works fine in W10, I don’t know about 11.

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