Can't edit keyboard shortcuts. Bug in 4.15, or everywhere?

I know I am running the developer release but the first bug I came across… I can’t edit keyboard shortcuts (switched from tilix to xfce4-terminal and want to edit the drop down option).

When I change the keyboard shortcut the system hangs and the only (ONLY) thing that works on the entire screen is the cancel button. There is no OK button and no other app can be started until I click “cancel”.

Reinstalled 4.14 and the problem went away.

If anyone tries 4.15 btw, to reinstall 4.14 there are a few things i noticed:

  1. The libxfce4ui and libxfce4util might not get removed and those are the packages that determine version. Installing the 4.14 versions manually solves that issue.

  2. whisker menu plugin got removed and not replaced for me, for some reason.

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The first REAL question about it is: Did they make any moves in the direction of CSD? (client side decoration - ala Gnome). Just wondering if I need to preemptively add it to IgnorePkg in /etc/pacman.conf? :grin:

Yes. The settings manager had it.

Ouch. The best feature of XFCE, and they are throwing it away…

Having the ability to tweak the sizes and looks of titlebars is of great use to those of us with hi-dpi screens, and aging lo-res eyes!

It scares how much CSS I’ll need to learn, and how it may not answer the requirement even then… (sigh)

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Is it this:


Edit, package is patched:

Edit 2: tested in a fresh minimal VM and it seems to work OK now:



:slight_smile: Guess I was an hour or two early :wink:

Thanks again for the repo, I will put it back in a bit :slight_smile:

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You have to give me a little time to sleep. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I know :slight_smile:
I’ll probably do it next weekend. Gotta spend as much time as possible in Windows ( :frowning: ) to play Forza while I have vacation :wink: