Can't connect to home network (2.4GHZ and 5GHZ)

After some random update , I cannot connect anymore to my home wifi network. I can see all other wifis , and I can easily connect to my neighbor’s wifi or my phone’s hotspot. I only can not connect to my home network. It is quite strange because thenetwork was fine until I updated the packages ( as always ) and it removed my home network from showing there.
If i restart modem , I can view the home network , but as soon as my home network gets access to internet it says either supplicant timed out or either wifi network not found.
My wlan card is
Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries BCM43228 802.11a/b/g/n
I tried linux-lts , it didn’t even detect wlan0.
I tried booting from live-user of endeavour , it didn’t detect my home network either, while other versions like linux mint didn’t detect my wlan0 as well.

I think my only option is downgrading , but downgrading what ? wpa_supplicant ? to version 2.9 ?
Any help is appreciated.

It should be using broadcom-wl. Try installing broadcom-wl-dkms as this will work with lts kernel also as long as you have both the lts kernel and the lts headers installed.

sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms

i have boradcom-wl-dkms package installed.
EDIT : u mean install it in the lts kernel ? because i have installed in the normal kernel

No it should automatically build the modules as long as you have the lts kernel installed and the lts headers. It needs the headers as well.

Edit: Did you install the lts kernel manually? Or did you use the akm package to install it. The akm package automatically installs the headers. If you do it manually you have to install it manually via pacman.

Forget the home network, then try connecting again.

As @mrvictory said try creating a new home connection by forgetting the old one.

i forget the home network, but it doesn’t work because I cannot view the home network at all when I open wifi interface. Nor can I see it with iwd.
And if i try to connect when I restart router, forgetting or not the home network, doesn’t make any difference.

i installed lts kernel only through this
sudo pacman -S linux-lts

how do i install througu akm package?

You have to install the headers also

sudo pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers

Edit: If you want to use akm then you need to install it first

sudo pacman -S akm

Then it is listed in the programs.

after installing headers as well,
how do i proceed?
do i delete broadcom-wl from linux lts and install the dkms module?
After I do so, would I be able to view my home network?
note: it isn’t that I cannot connect to my home network, but I can’t even find it in my wifi interface

Try reinstalling broadcom-wl-dkms or you could try installing broadcom-wl and also broadcom-wl-lts for the lts kernel.

could lts - kernel fix the issue ?

I’m not sure you are understanding. If you install the lts kernel you need the lts headers. You have to use either the broadcom-wl-dkms in order for it to work on the lts kernel too or if you are using broadcom-wl and install the lts kernel and headers you would need to use broadcom-wl-lts for it to work on the lts kernel. One or the other works. If your network is not showing up doesn’t mean the WiFi isn’t working. I don’t know why that would happen unless you were messing with other networking components such as WPA or something. It should be using NetworkManager.