Can't connect to dorm wifi

I am having trouble connecting to dorm wifi.
This is the situation. There is online service for us where we can connect MAC addresses of our devices to our Student card so we can have wifi in dorm (I know…1984). So I wanna use "cloned MAC address via NetworkManager in KDE applet + VPN). But it doesn’t seem to work.
It says “Connection “Wifi name here” deactivated” and also “The device could not be configured”.
VPN for now is not turned on since i can’t even connect to the wifi, so ignore it for now (I guess).

Found answer. It had vendor checking for spoofed MAC addresses.

Is this part of the VPN settings?

No, I had to use Cloned MAC addresses from specific vendor (couldn’t used any random mac address). On arch wiki this part says that first 3 bytes are used for Vendor Identificaton, which was checked by the dorm network manager.

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