Cant connect to arch repo nor arch site

I cant even update the mirrors or anything doesnt work
the wiki doesnt work
aur doesnt work
help me what do i do

Can you make any internet connections from that machine? Are you using a VPN, proxy or TOR?

What about changing your DNS servers i.e. Open DNS IPs or Google DNS IPs. In case there is a problem with your ISP’s assigned DNS.

Update your mirrors from the Welcome app.

Edit: That doesn’t work either! Are you able to browse any websites at all?

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yes i am

You haven’t really given much too go on as you were asked more questions regarding your network.

Calm down and describe this issue in more detail, then go back through and answer each of the questions already posed by those people trying to help you.

In the meantime, other people reading the thread can wait until you do that, then they don’t get things jumbled up and give you too much to think about and respond to.


it works with google dns it didnt work with it a few minutes ago but i restarted again and changed to google dns and then cloudflare and then google dns and now it works

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If DNS is changing after reboot by itself. See below

Most likely it was a DNS issue. If you can ping ping your loop back address you know your network card is working internally. If you can ping a website you know that it’s working externally. If you can’t ping a website such as or then most likely it’s a DNS server issue because it’s not converting the website name to an IP address.

I’ve never had an issue with DNS changing but there have been a couple of instances that i have seen on the forum. :man_shrugging:

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You can disable Network Manager link clobbering /etc/resolv.conf, if that is indeed the issue here, by configuring /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/dns.conf with :


This means you have to manually configure /etc/resolv.conf with your preferred DNS servers, rather than NetworkManager generating the file link, but they subsequently won’t get replaced with a NetworkManager update.

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Another option would be to set “DHCP addresses only” and the DNS resolvers manually:

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