Can't connect other devices to hotspot when a password is set

So, my issue is that the “Hotspot” option under network that eOS has, doesn’t work when I set a password to it, if I set it back to “No password” devices can connect to it.

I looked into the Arch wiki under “Software access point” and such, but none of the info there is helping with my issue. I am sure I’m not entering the password wrong.

What could be causing this? Or am I just thinking and doing something wrong?
I’m using KDE, if its relevant.

Hi @Kazaflow - I’m a newby and only trying to help.

Did you come across this post?

It’s stated here that the problem may be in Android (if you are using that?)

I came across it, but didn’t really see a solution to the specific issue, only that the OP of that post just used a different hotspot package, guess I will try that too.
Also Windows machines also have issues with it.
But thanks anyway.
Edit: Good news is that that different package works, though 5Ghz band doesn’t. Perhaps its something with the drivers or something, oh well.