Can't Build ISO in Manjaro Following Official Instructions

It should go without saying that EOS mirror list is absent, and for good reason. Still, EOS searches /etc for it, failing.

error: config file /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist could not be read: No such file or directory

Steps followed here (git).

at some point in the instructions it says:
“*bellow is an example, you may need to change to the latest package version. Please check
Did you downloaded the latest package from the repository?
and installed that with sudo pacman -U endeavouros-mirrorlist-1-6-any.pkg.tar.xz?
If that is successful there should be the endeavouros-mirrorlist under /etc/pacman.d/

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You need to have EOS mirrors and enable it for pacman… i am not sure on what Manjaro changed all around. So as they do not use Archmirrors directly… I would not call it Archlinux or derivate 🤹

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Manjaro is arch-like arch fork, beside own repo, Kernel namings, own systemd packages probably working to a own packagemanagement with pamac. future you have to install pacman intoo te system, pamac is stil in afase especially cli, video drivers configuration, kernel names are pretty static…if you know the difference is always possible te convert te system but only need a lot time, :slight_smile: identifications of mhwd* kernel names etc… but its always tricky also :slight_smile:

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you will need to add and enable endeavour Repository at your system

Is the is saying also :basketball_man:

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That step should be before ./ -v then, it’s out of order.

Script should not asume anyone building EOS is also running EOS.

Creates confusion. :pleading_face:

if you use manjaro as base, would not work, system is designed around mhwd & linux(xx) kernel namings and some things…even the first manjaro-tools was a mix of archiso and chakra-tools. current is changed.

You do not need to build the ISO at all… :wink:
Instructions are not complete and changing also from time to time… We do changing a lot of stuff at the moment, so it is not recommended to use the code to create installation media for a real install, as it can contain unfinished stuff.

Wanted to help test current code, report any bugs I may encounter. :confused:

The mirror issue is an easy fix, that much I’m aware of. Simply wanted to share so that it may be addressed. :no_mouth:

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Ah o.k. the ISO itself is quite stable, so we do change not that much inside there, most of configuration happens outside the ISO, inside install scripts and the installer calamares itself.

But you are right that the readme is upside down…

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You underestimate how badly I want Endeavor OS to flourish. I’ll install the mirrors until a more polished approach is implemented, and do tests on my machines.

Thank you for understanding. :grinning:

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Now I do understand completely :grin:
And indeed we like to have testers and any input can help improve!