Can't boot

Hello fellow users, I seem to have quite the urgent and tricky problem, I am unable to boot into my system.

It is taking about a minute on “starting version” before is goes into a black sceen

Same is happening when I try nomodeset

On neither I seem to be able to open a terminal

Any help would be appreciated

i left my system alone for about 20 minutes before it booted by itself
i wouldnt want to mark this as solved yet as i am quite curious on what may cause something like this

If you do get it to boot up maybe you can post the hardware output and a boot log.

inxi -Faz --no-host | eos-sendlog


journalct -b -1 | eos-sendlog

The logs that @ricklinux mentioned are essential for finding the cause.

I’m not sure whether you meant boot (=powering machine on) or reboot.

Anyway, sometimes long waits at boot or reboot can be caused by problems with disks. So if there are any problems with disks, you might want to check if there’s anything strange with the drives (maybe plugged USB drives?), and also look if file /etc/fstab has any unwanted options or other settings.

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apologies for the late reply

a few things, i am very sure my drive is fine as i replaced it just shy of a year ago
i did mean a literal boot (but the same problem was technically present on reboot as well)

after having updated the problem was gone so it was likely a similar to case to the the occasional nvidiaa driver problem

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