Can't boot after install

I am still relatively new to Linux (did the usual Ubuntu → Manjaro route), so to not bother you with my life story. I installed endavourOs on my previous ssd running Ubuntu (The other one is running Manjaro).

The issue is post install where I can’t boot to endavourOs after a successful install. I find it odd because I managed and configure my post-install endavourOs script in a vm successfully.

I just want to boot on the drive where endavourOs was installed but it doesn’t work and I am wondering if anyone has ever experienced something like this?


Can you explain the details? For example, what happens when you try? Do you not get an option or does the boot fail? If it fails, how far do you get?

Of course,

Post install I go to my UEFI options to select the drive to boot primarily on, but I can’t see the endavourOs named partition (the entire drive) which is weird and the first time I experienced something like that.

Is it possible you did a legacy install and not a UEFI install?

Its possible, I usually select to erase the entire disk during install. I thought the more modern UEFI install was the default over MBR?

I am probably confusing a few things

It depends how the ISO is booted. If you boot it in legacy mode, it installs in legacy mode, if you boot it in UEFI mode, it installs in EUFI mode.

Trying explicitly loading your boot options from the BIOS or via a hotkey and be sure to specifically select a UEFI option.


Could you post the output of the following commands (from the Live session) ?

sudo parted -l
efibootmgr -v

I guess this would give the forum some idea about your install.

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Will do,

I am at work, but I’ll try again when I get home. I hope that I can soon purge Manjaro from my work pc lol.


So I don’t know what happened but I reinstalled and this time it dd create the right partitions. Hell EndavourOs even fixed the bootLoader lol.

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