Canon IR-ADV 4225 Network Printer

In pure debian and ubuntu it may be very very easy. I feel once again install EOS fresh and try. Just install cups and canon supplied. Ufr from AuR.

I’m just not familiar with it but i understand now after looking at it. I just don’t have an answer how to exactly get to the settings you need. I don’t think you need to reinstall. You can easily remove the printer and cups if necessary and reinstall what you want. Are you using yay to install the AUR packages? Do you have pamac installed? It is a GUI tool which might be helpful for installing & uninstalling AUR packages too.

yay -S pamac-aur-git

Edit: I know i’m probably going to get chastised for suggesting a GUI tool but it just might be helpful in this instance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please let me know the command for removing current printer driver and cups.

I’m not sure what printer driver you installed? Did you use pacman to install it? Or is it an AUR package?

I have used yay and Pacman for installing aur package

Pacman won’t install AUR packages. What was the name of the package you installed for the driver? Just use yay again to remove it.

yay -R (name?

Cups can be removed with pacman or yay.

Cndrvcups and others filters. Foomatic and guten print etc. I have start fresh

Just query each name and it will show what packages are installed.

pacman -Qs cups
pacman -Qs foomatic
pacman -Qs gutenprint
pacman -Qs Cndrvcups

Edit: You can use pacman to remove them if they are not AUR packages.

sudo pacman -R (name)


Not sure if this was any help to you?

I will check and let you the status.
Update . Not able to configure the printer. Even my local usb canon printer is not working.

how to cross my road block?. I very much required priting from EOS. Someother distros it is easy peasy

Hello @nnriyer
I’m just not sure what the problem is. What driver are you installing for that printer? Is it in the AUR? You should be able to easily make the Canon usb printer work. Not sure what model it is. You can also create Arch drivers from Debian files using debtap from the AUR. I have not done it but it is possible.

I think you should try this driver from the AUR instead of the one you tried before. To install it you just need to use yay.

yay -S cnrdrvcups-lb-bin

Edit: It should remove the other in the process.

Edit: There is also this one.


Edit: So i’m not sure what you tried earlier but this is all i see for that printer.

I feel I have tried all these. Anyway I will try once again. Now my office canon network printer is down due to maitenance. My personal printer is also not printing connected directly to Canon MF244DW through USB. Usually debian package will serve both. In easyos or antix no issue.

All i can do is point you to the Wiki for printing. Those are the only drivers available from the AUR so you have to follow the wiki and see whether it can be set up this way.