Cannot run installer

Hello, I need some help with the EOS installer. On my old PC I only have an NVIDIA quadro 410 graphics adapter installed and can only run the usb iso using nomodeset option. Standard setting would freeze during boot. (Boot process starts fine until moving to a higher resolution)
However, in nomodeset I have only the 640x480 resolution available which screen size apparently s not big enough to run the installer …
Any idea / grub boot option how to overcome the issue? Any help is highly appreciated.
Thanks, Markus

Are you able to attach a monitor… and then make the monitor the default screen (via BIOS?)

Hi Mark, thanks for your help and yes, monitor is attached (only one) and works fine. As described I can see the PC booting correctly from the image, and all the messages are displayed there correctly …
If default boot option is selected the boot-up freezes when automatically switching to a higher resolution (I believe nouveau driver does not work correctly with my card). I see parts of the bootlog and then a quarter of a white garbeled screen at the bottom.
If nomodeset is selected at start up I even proceed correctly to the Galileo Neo screen but only in 640x480 which is not supported for further system installation. (Error message “Bildschirm ist zu klein, um das Installatiosprogramm an.”)
Thanks again,

Hallo Markus. Das ist tja sehr klein. Is the machine 32 or 64-bit? Perhaps that is at fault ?!?! Have you tried testing a tiny liveUSB on the laptop like antiX, peppermintOS or Lilidog (Beardog) and gotten the same results?