Cannot install because of package conflict between exfatprogs and exfat-utils

I got errors with pacstrap on my first clean attempt, I did format my old /, /var and /opt from Manjaro

He isn’t getting that far in the process. I don’t think it would matter at the point it is failing.

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From your first output:

That can’t happen normally.


is this BTRFS or such you try to “reuse” ? usually you will remove partition you want to use for a new install

no, is ext4

My test install is working fine. No issues here

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yeah, probably I did something wrong because pacstrap installs without the warnings of re-installation of packages

now the installation process is running smooth as it should be, I see no -- reinstalling alerts when formatting /, /var/ and /opt when manually partitioning my disks.

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I installed Endeavour Xfce 7 weeks ago, exfatprogs is installed and replace exfat-utils according to pactree.

pactree exfat-utils 
exfatprogs provides exfat-utils

I guess the only difference between both packages is exfat-utils provides a Fuse kernel module.

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