Cannot delete a particular app.(atom)

Hi, my system is running like a rolls royce recently with xfce, so now i’m looking to polish it.

I installed the code editor atom a while back. I’m not sure how I installed it and the app is now deprecated.

I have tried to remove via pamac manager (it doesn’t show up)
terminal (cannot find atom, I was able to remove 2 directories related to atom)
Stacer also cannot remove the app.

After trying in the terminal and removing two directories, well of course atom still loads beautifully.

yay -Rc atom

What do which atom and pacman -Qo atom show?

error target not found

no atom in /usr/bin etc
no package owns atom

very peculiar. Running the app I see an atom/atom named process.

How are you launching it?

via the applications menu. It appears under accessories and development.

Find the .desktop for it.

It will probably be in either /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications

Then take a look at the exec line.

Also, make sure it is not a flatpak or a snap.

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This make it rather hard for anyone else to know where to look for.

According to ArchWiki one installs atom from AUR.
But it should have shown up in the output of the commands you posted.

Did you install the flatpak atom?

flatpak list

should list all installed flatpaks


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ah! I installed via flatpak.