Cannot connect to wifi

I recently installed endavour os on an old hp pavilion and when I right click on networkmanager applet there is no way to enable wifi I tried using nmcli but I got an error that says no wifi device found.

Can you post the hardware info? At minimum could you post the following.

inxi -Na

I took an image with my phone since I did not want to type it all out.

The name of the computer is hppavilionallinone27r014

You can see the specs there I believe

The module should be part of the kernel but some of these Realtek have issues.
You can try this package from the AUR.


Edit: I think the bluetooth is on the same chip.

Edit2: You can install it with yay.

yay -S rtw88-dkms-git

Then you need to reboot.

Just to add to @ricklinux, you’re going to have to use an Ethernet connection to download and install this package, of course.

Yes of course. I assume the user knows this. Maybe they are on a different computer?

Edit: Hopefully they can connect to ethernet or other option.

Thank you! This fixed my issue

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