Cannot Boot From Grub After Kernel Install

Guys Good evening, in an attempt to install the LTS kernel I deleted the other one of course now I get to GRUB and it tells me there is no where to start, how can I do it?

I am probably writing to you from my laptop where there is still Manjaro

It’s a bit late now, but after installing a new kernel you need to regenerate the Grub configuration file.

Boot to the live environment with the USB stick you installed with, then set up a chroot as described here:

From inside the chroot, regenerate the Grub configuration file.

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Then exit from the chroot and reboot.


Why on Earth would you do that? :sweat_smile:

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it is only the kernel what should go wrong ? :wink:

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