Cannot access my main system, grub is broken after I updated

That returns the following:

So nvidia drivers are missing. You can install them with command nvidia-inst.
More info:

They shouldn’t be needed in this case though. Installing them before fixing the problem will only add more complexity to the problem.

Looks like sddm is dumping core.

Can we see the contents of /etc/pacman.conf and the output of sudo pacman -Syu

That may depend on the mode the motherboard bios is set for the GPU.

True, but there are very few laptops which default to the dedicated GPU. Especially ones which are using a GTX 1050 mobile.

So you have changed to sddm instead of lightdm?
Which DE?

How can you tell sddm wasn’t installed from the beginning?

Lightdm has been the default for most environments on our ISOs.
That’s why I asked for the DE.

Ok so the “pacman -Syu” returns this: (i tried putting the eos-sendlog link and it flags it as span and wont let me reply)
I however do not know how to show you the contents of /etc/pacman.conf
I also forgot what DM i use, although i can say for sure I changed it at some point

Just paste the text into the forum.

cat /etc/pacman.conf | eos-sendlog

You can copy the text here (e.g. if you have another computer available).
Then surround your text with 3 bacticks (```). For example:

your text here

Then this forum will show it nicely.

This is the pacman.conf:

And this is the pacman -Syu:

ha ha i am in too here :wink:

Doesn’t this look a lot like a partly updated system?

n/a ( + 0x3050cb)

n/a ( + 0x1f7f96)

or at least somehow removed some needed packages…

and as far as i remember i had some users needing the xf86-video-intel package to be able to startx on iris igpu…

Earlier in the discussion I was told to remove it and reboot

yes it should not be needed… and i do not know exactly why it could is may needed on some iris intel igpus.

But as i saw sddm was not able to load the iris driver i bet it is needed on yours.
You can reinstall to see if the warning goes away… but there is something more missing on your install…

As i mentioned could be missing deps for sddm theme for example … so reinstalling sddm and the theming package can help too…
if it is kde plasma install:
yay -S sddm eos-plasma-sddm-config xf86-video-intel
if something else:
yay -S sddm eos-sddm-theme xf86-video-intel

And before that make sure system is fully up to date:
sudo pacman -Syu

Send more logs when possible, please:

journalctl -b -u sddm | eos-sendlog
</var/log/Xorg.0.log eos-sendlog
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Both those return as follows:
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It seems you are using optimus manager.
How did you install it and when? (maybe just before this started happening?)

Was it working properly when you first installed it?

It seems a video drivers issue, so you may uninstall optimus manager properly (following the vendor’s instructions, not only the package) and then install nvidia drivers, using official EnOS utilities (check Discovery tutorial pages).

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