Can you tell me why budgie desktop icons turned on is launching YACReader?

can you tell me why budge desktop icons turned on is launching YACReader
all the desktop icons seem to launch it, I had install both latte-dock and plank from yay -s command in terminal, the problem is only effecting budge desktop on endeavouros, I tried the desktop icons on MATE desktop its working fine, and does not launch YACReader from any of the desktop icons.

I went ahead and reported under bug reports but have not gotten a reply back yet, about what may of cause that or how or what I need to do to fix it, and stop YACReader from launching under budge desktop icons, trash , windows 11 drive /dev/sda mount icon, and home folder is running that software when I click on any of the them, it says comic not found on each of the desktop icons, and its annoying besides removing YACReader, which I am not sure is the only fix for the problem, I wanted to know if theirs a command in terminal that can be run to fix it since I am a newbie to arch based linux, used ubuntu and debian before, but don’t recall a problem like this before now.