Can we update now: Are the conflicts in the Repo fixed now - i have 379 packages that wait for update

hi there
one week ago i was unable to update my Endeavour-OS system - there were some conflicts in the ARCH - Repos.

Experts recommended me to wait some days - what can we do now ?!

are we now permitted to update the system!?

Look forard to hear from you
Yours Otrottt

there were no conflicts. The only thing happening was steps necessary on your system that you apparently didn’t do - the solution is in one of your other topics.

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Try the following commands.

sudo pacman -Sy endeavouros-keyring


sudo pacman -Syu



Did you do the endeavour os keyring update that was pinned for the last few weeks? Merge pacnew with the updated repos? I would start there, reinstall keyring and update. If you’re still having issues, please provide pacman.conf and actual outputs you’re seeing, if we can’t see what you see, we can’t help you realistically. Which you have been told - you need to provide information, we can’t possibly know how to help with just vague descriptions of an issue.

Also please link + quote where and which experts recommended waiting.


just for the archives: thats the post I meant in my reply:


creating weekly threads without following the instructions won’t help anyone.


good day dear all
many many thanks for the quick replies and all the good comments.

i did the sudo pacman - keyring thing and i think that it worked perfectly

see what happened - with the update

many thanks for all your overwhelming support - this is by far the best linux commmunity i ever encountered…

keep up the outstanding project - it rocks

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community ist aktuell
thats still in the pacman.conf
arch merged it into extra community repo will get removed soon :wink:

new pacman.conf is here:

wget && sudo cp pacman.conf /etc/

das community Repository ist mit extra verschmolzen worden und wird bald entfernt werden.
um das Problem auch noch zu lösen brauchst du eine Änderung in deiner /etc/pacman.conf
Wenn du dort keine Ă„nderungen vorgenommen hast kannst du die alte einfach mit der neuen ĂĽberschreiben. Das erledigt dieser Befehl:

wget && sudo cp pacman.conf /etc/

Sorry I forgot about the repo’s and the pacman .conf file. :man_facepalming:

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hi Rick hi Joe,

many thanks for the reply! Thanks for all the support-

an dich joe - und ja: ist ja bilingual jetzt der Thread:

also hier in Dt.

hallo u. guten Abend vielen Dank fuer die Rueckmeldung. Also ich hab immer zwei Notebooks die ich update bzw. auf dem Laufenden halten will/ tu.

Das eine hab i gestern mit dem obigen Pastebin geupdated.

auf dem zweiten - da stehen nun 375 updates an - hab hier noch gar nix gemacht. Wenn ich dich joe richtig verstanden hab, dann sollte ich den zweiten zweiten wget-befehl den du Joe erwähnst hier anwenden…

wget && sudo cp pacman.conf /etc/

…oder sollte ich ggf nochmals abwarten… !?

freue mich nochmals von euch zu hoeren.


and since this is an engl. thread - here all the thoughts in english:

hello and good evening, many thanks for the feedback. So I always have two notebooks that I want to update or keep up to date.

I updated one yesterday with the above pastebin.

on the second - there are now 375 updates - haven’t done anything here yet. If I understood you correctly joe, then I should use the second second wget command you mention Joe here…

Please don’t post in German in the English section of the forum.


many thanks dear dalto

sure thing - you were right. Sorry for the inconvenience

thx for this awsome forum

this is by far the best linux forum i know!!!

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