Can we add OnlyOffice to a Endeavouros repo?


I was having issues with LibreOffice and wanted to try something new. Then I tried OnlyOffice and it was an excellent surprise. For my needs, OO beats LO easily. It has a way better compatibility with Microsoft Office than LO. Plus, NO JAVA!

It’s also open source.

So, for now, it’s only available via AUR. I think it would be nice to move it to an “extra” or “community” repository.

Any thoughts?

EndeavourOS uses the Arch repositories directly, so EndeavourOS can’t add it into either of these (though of the two, it would be community).

It could in theory be added to the EndevourOS overlay repo, but that’s not really what it’s there for.


Small team here. Someone would also have to maintain it. I also don’t see what the difference is what repo it is in. A package is a package. If the OP intended to have this package added to installs then we would have the added burden of people complaining we are taking away their freedom of choice. Lastly, there would be the complaints of bloated software additions, this package is better then that package, etc.


Understood. Thanks.


Yes. Let Arch know it should be part of their repos. . . And then it will be part of ours. But that’s been stated already. . .

I just wanted to add - the flatpak version also works really well if you’d prefer that.

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The AUR PKGBUILD is a bin package - which means the officicial binaries are pulled from upstream and repacked for your system.

This is essentially the same as the package being in the repo - so there is really no advantage - only extra work.

yay -S onlyoffice-bin

Onlyoffice is available in chaotic-aur. If you add this repository, Onlyoffice (and possibly more AUR packages) will update alongside your system when you do a pacman -Syu.


yay onlyoffice-bin could also solve it… i have myself in the herecura repo onlyoffice , and the keyring most people have it since its a arch tu.

OnlyOffice is only availiable in five languages, and I just have to use my native language daily.

If it’s in the AUR why clutter the EOS repos?

I do not see the point in adding applications to the Endeavour repositories that are not system specific. Arch takes care of those things and Endeavour adds some useful tools which are a great help with maintaining that system. An “Office Suite” has nothing to do with a functional Linux install. You can install whatever you want on top of one but it’s an addition, not a part of the system. There is a difference between applications (programs) which are part of the base system and applications which we (?) choose to put on top of them. Keep EndeavourOS simple and encourage people to build their own setups. In life we are here to learn, not to have everything served up on a plate and learn nothing.


As an EndeavourOS user who does not use OnlyOffice, I don’t particularly care whether it is added to the repo or not. As long as it is not included in the default installation, I don’t mind it being there (I certainly won’t install it, like 99% of the packages that are there).

However, adding more and more packages to the repo requires maintenance and increases the devs’ workload. So, if they asked me (which they don’t), I would tell them to first focus on other, more important things rather than maintaining a package for an office suite I don’t use.

That’s why the AUR exists: so that not every single piece of software in existence needs to be added to the official repos. You also have third-party repos, but make sure you trust them unconditionally before installing anything from them.


Full agreement with the statement of Kresimir! I am enthusiastic about the good work of the developers of EOS and would not like it if this already quite small team would have to deal with the maintenance of programs that are only of interest to a few users anyway. To all developers who build this awesome distribution: THANK YOU!

Btw: Timeshift, which is clearly more beneficial to the system, must also be pulled from the AUR … so where is the problem?


Timeshift is optional. There is rsync upon which it can be based. Yeah it’s “handy” but not necessary. A base system and then roll your own?! :man_shrugging:

Sorry, was a stupid example. I should go to sleep … :sleeping:

Haha, sleep well mate! :heart:

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