Can’t login back to XFCE if already been logged once in GNOME


It’s my first post here to please forgive me if I’m doing something wrong.

So I’ve just installed EndeavourOS with GNOME and XFCE4. My current display manager is GDM but I experience a strange bug. Basically if I log in once on GNOME and logout, then login to XFCE then logout, if I now try switch to GNOME, logout, I won’t be able to start XFCE from gdm again. So I’m allowed to switch to XFCE only once before I have to reboot my computer and have access to it as long as I don’t logout from XFCE.

This link to an old bug is the same one I’m experiencing today with the same error.

Can someone help me out ?

Ps : using another display manager doesn’t reproduce this bug so there is something going on with gdm for sure !

Welcome @Liwinux

I myself keep my installs separate except Xfce and i3 as they work flawlessly together. I don’t install any others this way. I have all as a separate boot.

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Welcome @Liwinux aboard the good ship :eos:.

I use Gnome 42 and never mix display managers. Gdm with xorg works and that’s all I need.

Take a look here and feel free to paste your logs to us. Read here

Thank you from both of you ! My experience has been great so far !

So, this issue isn’t a critical one to the point it could ruin my experience with EndeavourOs. As said before, using a different displayManager other than GDM fixes the problem.

I’ve made some more researches and conclude that the issue is from Gnome Or GDM is they set set SESSION_MANAGER variable which causes problem with XFCE4.

Logs when I try to login to xfce from GDM :

Edit : Added a pastebin link

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You can post a full log you just need to know how to do it the proper way. EndeavourOS has that set up to be able to do this. Have you read the wiki? It is like this and you just need to provide the link. So you don’t need to post it again either. You can edit your post and replace what you have above with the link provided if you run the command again as i have shown. Please do read the wiki. :wink:

journalctl -b 0 | eos-sendlog

Edit: I don’t think it’s something that can be changed if it’s a Display manager issue other than not installing it this way or using another DM.

Please, forgive me I guess a was more focused on making researches about this bug and when I found something relevant I immediately wanted to share it and forgot to read the basics before posting on the forum… I now have updated my previous answer with a proper link.

That’s what I thought but the issue still exists and even if it’s something non critical I’m not against spending time with the devs to help them fix it. But I don’t know where to start.

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Perhaps here:

After reading a few relevant upstream issues and discussions, I am not sure it is GDM-only issue.
It could also be an xfce4-session which does not appear in sddm, because of a different approach being used.
But, it is safer to blame Gnome!! :rofl:

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Definately … :laughing:


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That’s what happens when you keep feeding the goats! They get stuck in the Gnome.

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