Can´t enable extensions Gnome 40 with X11

Hi all,

Read all Gnome 40 posts diagonally (also on Reddit), but couldn´t really find an answer. So hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

On both my laptop as well as my desktop I have Gnome 40, but only on my desktop I can´t enable extensions anymore (they worked on 38). My desktop uses X11, my desktop Wayland. See gif below to see what I mean.

The same issue on overview page of installed extensions. Btw, I can install new extensions.

Any suggestions?

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I had a lot of strangeness going on with extensions early on … maybe make sure you have the latest gnome shell extensions and the latest browser extension package too? … Here is what I have installed at the moment:

~ >>> pacman -Qs chrome-gnome-shell                                                                                                                  
local/chrome-gnome-shell 10.1-5
    Native browser connector for integration with
~ >>> pacman -Qs gnome-shell-extensions                                                                                                              
local/gnome-shell-extensions 40.0-2 (gnome)
    Extensions for GNOME shell, including classic mode

and yes … I needed chrome-gnome-shell even though I am using firefox


Why don’t you try the AUR package? (

Instead of the broswer?

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I have exactly the same, do an update every day. Thanks for the reply.

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Good suggestion, but don´t know how to activate it after that.

Also, it is not really a solution for other extensions I might want to use.

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You can activate using the new extensions app in GNOME 40. They moved it from tweaks to a seperate app.

Most of most used extensions are in the AUR…search it up the same way. gnome-shell-extension-*extension name*


This was it! Never knew/saw there was a new extensions app! Had to activate extensions from here, now I can control them again from

Thanks, everything works now :+1:


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