Can somebody advice to me an interesting plasma theme?

Can somebody tell me about some nice plasma theme?
Possibly red-dark. And with the icons, too!
Have a nice day!

personally i like orchis theme with sevi icons. if orchis is too blueish you easily can change them to red.

rouge is nice dark too.

feel free to try


if you have different themes installed you can change them by using konsave. found that little prog few days ago and i really like them much

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I’ve install both Dexy global themes with the GruvBoxPlus icons and Material cursors. I have Kvantum installed and added the Dexy-Kvantum theme to it.

global theme - dexy-color-global
application style - kvantum-dark
gnome/gtk - dexy-color-dark-gtk
plasma style - dexy-plasma
colors - dexy-color-dark-norway-green
window decorations - dexy-blur-dark-color-aurorae
fonts - notoi sans 10, hack 10, noto sans 8, noto sans 10, noto sans 10, noto sans 10
icons - gruvboxplus
cursors - material dark cursors
splash screen - dexy-global
sddm - dexy-sddm

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Breeze dark. Very nice.


My favorite too, but i’m workin to customize little bit because I’m inspired to WfW 3.11 colors schemes, very cool “lcd” and “gray” found on it

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These are my favorites

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