Can screenfetch be easily uninstalled?

There are 3 system monitors in the offline installer as well. Htop, glances and Xfce’s. A little many! Know that some can be opted out if you install online. Irssi is also included, (An IRC client).

I think most people want a minimal installation from the beginning. Better to install everything afterwards if you want.

Most people who run Arch and EndeavourOS know their stuff. Then there are probably some who are just curious about Arch/EndeavourOS as well (like me).

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Then Enos is maybe not for you and you’d better pick an install script?

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You’d be wrong. What peeps want is a stable, solid, reliable install even if that means a few extra under the hood tools to help to that end. As for most people know their stuff BULL, try less than half do. I’m with @Lemon .

Maybe! However, I like when everything is easy too. So an installscript might be the right way for me.

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It’s probably just me who wants everything minimalist. Less to update, less that can go wrong.


Just install Arch the Arch WayTM, you’ll love it. No need for any install scripts. Even if you’re not using EndeavourOS, you can stay here and participate in the forum.


This is actually the first Linux forum I am a member of. That alone says something about EndeavourOS. I may sound negative sometimes, but I like EndeavourOS! Much of what I write is my own thoughts. Not everyone has to agree with me.

I installed Arch the Arch Way before testing EndeavourOS. That’s how I got in here :smiley:

However, we have gone a little off topic!


Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize. My bad.

Guys, let it go! I just wanted to know how to uninstall Screenfetch cleanly without breaking anything. Now I have found out. I do not intend to start a war with this question.


It looks like the OPs question has been thoroughly answered at this point.