can not set up disk for snapshot

I new to endeavour . I have 2 disk in my pc a ssd and a 16tb disk set up has /home . Both are set up as btrfs file system . But when I try to select the 16tb I get this error . select btrfs system disk with root subvolume how do I set up the 16tb subvolume ?

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I am not sure I understand the question. What error are you getting? Where are you “Trying to select the 16tb”?

select btrfs system disk with root subvolume

Can you be about 25 times more specific?

What are you trying to do? Where are you selecting the disk? Why are you selecting the disk?

When you try to “select the disk”, what specific error message are you recieving?

I’m trying to set up time shift to do snapshots . I have 2 drive’s a 1 tb ssd witch is the root . And a 16tb Hard drive witch is set up as my home folder . When I try to set up btrfs. as the drive to put the snapshots . And when I select the drive under timeshift . I get this error Select btrfs system disk with root sub-volume . Both drive are BTRFS. and the only drive I can pick is the ssd

If you want to use timeshift to take snapshots using btrfs, it doesn’t work that way. It is only capable of taking snapshots of a single filesystem and it will only take snapshots of the subvolumes named @ and @home.

However, if you put it into rsync mode, it should work closer to what you want but then you will not be getting btrfs snapshots.

I think I missing the @Home Here is my fstab or I’m I

UUID=573b0ea4-ba27-4865-bbda-d40d288829b1 / btrfs subvol=/@,defaults,noatime,compress=zstd 0 0
UUID=573b0ea4-ba27-4865-bbda-d40d288829b1 /var/cache btrfs subvol=/@cache,defaults,noatime,compress=zstd 0 0
UUID=573b0ea4-ba27-4865-bbda-d40d288829b1 /var/log btrfs subvol=/@log,defaults,noatime,compress=zstd 0 0
UUID=4c6fce18-c9c8-4795-9d92-899083b635c3 /home btrfs defaults,noatime,compress=zstd 0 0

I don’t think timeshift with btrfs supports a separate filesystem for /home.

It is very limited. It just doesn’t work that way.


You are 100% correct. I had never used it for /home back in my Mint days; could have sworn this used to work. Maybe with Mint taking over development (at least for their OS), this will be added. For me, having a separate partition for /home is mandatory.

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