Can I xhange my username?

I use penguin007 in this forum - but all over the internet I use penguin1 so if possible I’d like to change to that here too?



you are the best - thank you so much

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It’s just esier this way as a lot of ppl know me as penguin1


btw did all my PM disappear by this?
all my PM both recevied and sent are gone

They shouldn’t have. Maybe try logging out and back in?

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ok will try that

you were correct - they are back now. Again thank you for helping with this. Highly appreciated

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What is the difference between 1 and 007? :slight_smile:

007 is Bond! He was angry about it! :wink:

I understand. So you’re the first penguin. :slight_smile:

there’s a reason for the username - but nothing I will go out public with - or to be correct there used to be a reason for that specific name. Then I had used it for o long so ppl ere used to e under that name so I just kept it

Anyway, I have the same username everywhere.

and now I have that too :+1:

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