Can I mask avahi-daemon?

as far as I’ve read I do not need it
do you suppose that I could mask it? so it will not start again

why should I need it? I have no NAS, no network printer

You might not need it. Lots of people don’t even have it installed on their systems.

In case you might need it in the future, start with

$ sudo systemctl disable --now avahi-daemon.service
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thanks :slight_smile:
I’ve disabled it, no issues so far :smiley:

and something less that I do not need is running :smiley:

mask is only used if a service depended on another service linked kinda…

my wife and i sitting on pidgin talking on the same network with simple in pidgin.


May be required for Bluetooth

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lvm2-monitor.service is a service that probably needs masked the most often.