Can I make startup apps open at specific screen location?

Running gnome de. I have 2 startup apps that I m constantly moving/adjusting at every boot. I d like it where they open where I want them. Using tweak tool to make them startup apps atm.

If you are running Wayland then that is your problem. The maintainers know about the problem and will not do anything to make window perform like they do in Xorg. Developers need to do things the Wayland way. That comes from the horses mouth.

check this thread if you run gnome, should work with wayland, I’m planning to try it out

I dont know what you are on about but horses is a little off topic.

I am sorry, I mistyped in the first sentence. I meant to say it’s not your problem, but rather Waylands non-standard way of doing things. It is not compatible with Xorgs X,Y system of placing windows. This comes directly from one of the Developers. There may be a work around for it but it would be only a ban aide and not the solution to the problem.

I dont run wayland so…

I shouldnt have said im running gnome cause im about to re install eos and ill probably go with another de. I ll still want to be able to have startup apps open in specific spots on the screen though.

According to what standard? You do realize that Wayland is not XOrg, nor is it meant to be a one-to-one replacement of it and all of it’s features.

To clarify this… GNOME does not maintain the position/size of windows. When run under X11, apps can set their own position and size, which some apps used to maintain their position when re-opened. However not all apps did this.

Wayland doesn’t have protocols for apps to mess with their own positions, for various reasons. It expects the window managers to… manage the windows. Which GNOME doesn’t do very well. - Other DEs like KDE Plasma do, and this is not an issue on those.

Pretty sure that issue would be on Gnomes end since in Wayland on Plasma 6 the Plasma devs stated once the issue was on KDE’s end and they weould have it addressed by the time 6 was out of beta. Needless to say here we are on 6.0.4 and no fix. Peeps need to continue to use x11 cause besides this Wayland still has issues of it own it needs to address.

Yes, but in X11, you can use a tool like wmctrl for placing the window of an app on the right workspace and at the right position.