Can I install without the GPU?

I’m building my new pc with a dual boot EOS/Windows, each of them on their own M2 SSD.
When I tried this with my old pc I had to physically disconnect the other SSD while installing EOS or it will not create it’s own EFI partition apparently.

On my new rig one of the M2 slot is inaccessible after mounting the GPU so I planned to do it this way:

  • Plug to the motherboard (for using iGPU)
  • Install EOS on the M2
  • Remove this M2 and plug the other one to install Windows
  • Install back the EOS M2
  • Install the GPU

Is this method will work for EOS? I’m worried about potential system or drivers issue. Not the process of installing EOS. :slight_smile:

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For AMD graphics, there should be no problem since the drivers are already included in the kernel.

For Nvidia, you should be able to install the drivers post-install:

Thanks for your reply. The GPU is AMD so it will work like a breeze then!

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