Can EndeavourOS play hires music (local and streaming)?

I am thinking of upgrading my DAC (which can only output 16/48) to something which can output 24/96 at the very minimum. Do I need to tweak anything in EndeavourOS to get 24/96 output or are there any roadblocks I should know about beforehand? I sometimes play 24/96 files back locally, and similarly from Quboz. Thanks in advance.

I’m using the (no longer available) DacMagic XS which works without tweaks (the only thing you need to do is make sure that its Digital output is selected as your audio output). It plays 24/96 and even 32/192 files without resampling.

Do you mean in my audio mixer panel?

Yes… probably. Not sure what DE you are using, but it should show up there. Was your existing DAC plugged in when you took that image, and what DE are you using?

Plugged in and working (it was set to Pro Audio) and I’m on XFCE. The image doesn’t cut off any of the options.

“Pro Audio” is a bit misleading as a name unfortunately :frowning_face: There should be a Digital output to select in its place. Do you have pavucontrol installed?

Yes, I am trying to select the option from pavucontrol.

I double-checked and there’s definitely no digital option, and I’m definitely selecting my DAC in the configuration. My DAC is a Behringer UCA222 and it’s the PCM2902 codec in pavucontrol.

What output options are showing for you in pavucontrol?

When you click on the middle one, what options are available?

As in the first image posted.

OK, that’s not what I was expecting, and I used to use a UCA202 several years ago…

Anyway, as long as your new DAC is USB class compliant, it will work in EndeavourOS/Linux, and all you need to do is select the output.

Every option on that last image works, with the exception of those that include mono.

Thanks for your help.