Can EndeavourOS be infected by a Windows virus with Wine, Lutris, Bottles, etc?

Hi all friends.

I’ve only been on EndeavourOS for a short time and I haven’t had any problems finding all the apps that replace the apps I used on Windows. But still, there are at least 1 or 2 apps that are Windows/MacOS only that I would like to be able to use on EndeavourOS.

So, let’s give an example, let’s imagine for a moment that I like Photoshop (GIMP is better than Photoshop for me but, let’s imagine that I want to use Photoshop). Then I use Wine, or Lutris, or Bottles to run and install Photoshop on my EndeavourOS. But I am unlucky that the program has a virus, a trojan, or a ransomware that tries to encrypt Windows or something like that.

Can my EndeavourOS be infected by a virus from a program.exe that is for Windows, when executed through Wine/Lutris/Bottles?

I mean, I’m sure there are very strong viruses that affect Windows/MacOS/Linux, I think. But I don’t know if these viruses look for specific Windows files like “WindowsDefender.exe” or Windows DLL libraries, or perhaps they encrypt folders and even though I use EndeavorOS, perhaps the virus could affect the folders on my EndeavourOS because I think all the folders on All operating systems are the same, or something like that.

So is it possible, or do Wine/Lutris/Proton isolate Windows applications?

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m really afraid of my EndeavourOS being infected.

Thanks in advance.

It depends what the malware does. Something like a cryptlocker isn’t likely to work. However, something else might.

In general, I would recommend not using software sourced from random locations that could contain malware.


Yes, with very specific ones - but answer is yes.

Probably to a degree, but it’s definitely not easy yet…


To improve security you could install Wine(Lutris, proton) via flatpak so that it runs in a sandbox.

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It’s possible but many of the windows malware that is in the wild is using windows specific file structures or executables that linux just doesn’t use. It’s not impossible, but highly unlikely.

A good rule of thumb as Dalto points out, don’t install software from shady sources. If you want Photoshop, go to Adobe, don’t get it from downloadphotoshopherefreezipnopay dot ru or something like that.

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Thank you very much friends.

I will pay for a permanent ZBrush license in the future, but right now I can’t because of the new changes due to the recent merger of PIXOLOGIC with the new company MAXON and their new application.

Now you need to install an application that is the same as Steam, but for 3D programs, where you can start/launch ZBrush, Cinema 4D, etc… (ZBrush only works on Windows and IOS)

100% of my software is free and open source and I am really happy with EndeavourOS, but the only program that I need and cannot leave is ZBrush, which I use together with Blender and it is the perfect combo for me, since the sculpt mode of Blender was stuck because its main developer had to leave the Blender team a few years ago.

So, for that reason, it seems that only the 2021 version works in Wine/Lutris/Bottles (I haven’t tried any of this yet). So, I can’t download that version from the official website (so I have to download it from another site, and that’s why I want to protect my EndeavourOS as much as possible), and obviously I’m not going to leave EndeavourOS and install Windows just to install ZBrush.

So, I’m going to follow your advice, install ClamAV and then install Wine or Lutris or Bottles, Flatpak version (I don’t know which of these I should use).

But, my EndeavourOS KDE doesn’t have Flatpak, so I guess I have to install it from the terminal, can you tell me which of these I should install?

Also do I have to uninstall the versions of the Arch repositories that I already have installed from Wine, Lutris and Bottles?

Can having the same program from the Arch and Flatpak repositories installed at the same time cause compatibility problems?

Install Flatpak

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Thank you very much friend, I have managed to install ZBrush and it works, but unfortunately it does not recognize the pressure of the pen on the graphics tablet, I suppose it is a thing of Wine, Lutris, Bottles etc and there is no solution, right?

Just when I get everything working, just that fails! :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m going to Google to see if anyone else had this problem and managed to fix it. xP

It seems that the pen pressure works properly in some cases but disappears completely after clicking the mouse

  1. Probably it’s some driver thing
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Unfortunately it doesn’t work. The pressure stops working when I leave the ZBrush window, if I go back and click with the mouse anywhere in ZBrush, it doesn’t work, the pen starts working like a mouse, if I press.

Although it is not very safe, I am going to install it in the version of arch wine, lutris and bottles, since I am using flatpak, I don’t think this will solve it, but I must try.

If you’ll try - i suggest to try with wine-staging instead of usual wine, since it’s reported to have some related patches

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Thanks friend, I checked and I have that version of Wine, I have the normal version of Lutris, and I also have the normal version of Bottles.

yay -Qs wine
local/bottles 2:51.9-1
    Easily manage wine and proton prefix
local/wine-staging 8.15-2
    A compatibility layer for running Windows programs - Staging branch

There is another version of Bottles in the Arch repositories, called Bottles-git, but I don’t know how it is different from normal Bottles.

I’ll try these to see if there’s any luck.

Nah it doesn’t matter, -git is just current development version, think of it as something like beta / alpha version

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Interesting, it doesn’t work in wine-staging. I have already seen this error in other users. I’ll try another version of ZBrush, and then bottles from the Arch repositories.

See this:

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